I graduated from high school in November last year, and for the past two years, VCE has made me forget what my hobbies were before it came along! After I graduated, I jumped on the Tumblr bandwagon. However, I didn’t do the typical re-blogging thing, but instead, researched, found my own photos, and made my own individual posts about different shows, and just fashion and travel in general. After using tumblr, I realised that my most used tags were ‘fashion’ and ‘travel’, so I guess you could say that they are my two main hobbies (unless you count blogging as well).

Because I had my own original Tumblr, my brother recommended that I just get my own dot com page. I thought it would be a fun idea, and so here we are!

As the blog idea was my brother’s, I wanted the URL name to be a couple-y word, to represent my brother and I. After much “X and Y” brainstorming, my brother and I came up with criss-cross (and we just added the ‘and’ in between). And then we got rid of the second ‘s’ in each word, because we found double letters to be quite messy (ironic that ‘messy’ is a double letter world). We then thought cyber alter-egos would be cool, so I became Cris, and he became Cros. We consider each other to be polar opposites: most obviously, my brother’s male, and I’m female. Throughout school,  Cros excelled, particularly in maths and science, whereas I was a troubled child until a few years ago, and I was more into the arts. He does sports, I read and paint. He studies medicine, I study law. To put it simply, we pretty much go in different directions, hence… cris and cros.

This blog is a joint venture for us, but you’ll see much more of me; Cros does all the maintenance and page layout work, whereas I do all the posting. I aim to post about my loves within the fashion world; I want to review collections and runway shows, post photos from editorials, and more. I also want to post about my travels, and experiences around the world, however, that’s dependent on me actually travelling. I got back from a big trip around the world at the start of February, but that’s long gone now, so I felt that the opportunity to post about it has already gone. There is always next time though…

Anyway, welcome to the blog!

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